The Emerson College branch of the National Broadcasting Society/Alpha Epsilon Rho Honors was established in 1968. NBS/AERho was the first national organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the academic and professional worlds of communication. Here at Emerson, NBS/AERho has been responsible for much of the high quality programming produced on campus and for supplementing the curriculum taught in classes with intensive hands-on experience through its productions. Last March, a merger between NBS and the International Radio and Television Society resulted in the organization becoming IRTS/AERho. This new association opens up many opportunites for IRTS members within the professional world, including opportunities to meet IRTS professional members at regional and national conventions and the IRTS summer fellowship, an eight week summer program in New York City that allows students to intern at one of the many media companies in the city. On campus, IRTS/AERho will continue to focus on teaching students production skills and on creating more fantastic programming. IRTS programming includes studio shows such as Musicians Wanted, our live music showcase for Boston bands, Trinity 63, a sitcom about a religious television station, The Delmar Haven Stories, a soap opera, and Wango, Emerson's only game show. Field productions have included promotional videos, film-style dramas such as Delivering Shauna, and documentaries onvarious topics.

The Emerson Chapter of NBS has been growing like crazy over the last few years, becoming a prominent organization on campus. Last semester, we had sixteen shows in different stages of production, as well as several that were "waitlisted" for the start of the Fall'98 semester. We hope that this year will be even better, and that's where you come in. Don't hesitate to jump in!


Join a crew, be a manager, become a national member, attend the fall convention (here on campus!) or the national convention in New York. No matter what your major is, we've got a place for you. We need people to manage crews, people willing to book bands, set and lighting designers, not to mention actors for sixteen (plus) productions! Besides all that, we are hoping to broaden our horizons to include film, audio and multimedia projects. As you can see, the opportunities are endless. Come join us; you won't regret it!

Chapter Meetings


-----General Meetings are held several times during each semester. These meetings allow members of the chapter to keep up with ongoing projects and learn about new projects. Other meetings include production meetings, lectures by outside speakers, and field trips.

-----The number of National Scholarships grows each year. Students have the opportunity to compete in a variety of fields for thousands of dollars worth of scholarships to apply toward communication education.

Regional Conventions

-----This year, Emerson is proud to be hosting the regional convention for the "Freedom States." Regional conventions offer student members the opportunity to network with industry professionals through the variety of communication-based seminars offered. Submit work in the numerous competitions and get regionally recognized at the Awards Banquet.


National Convention

-----Internship opportuinites may become available through the contacts made with professional members of the chapter and guest speakers at meetings and conventions.

-----Another opportunity to network with industry professionals and submitting student work in the national competitions, occurs each year at the National Convention. Recent conventions have been held in Orlando, Chicago, Nashville, and Los Angeles; this year's convention will be held in Metro New York. National Conventions draw hundreds of students and professionals in all fields of communication.



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